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Elite Competition Collection

Through Relentless Adversity the Elite will Rise.

Workt Elite Competition Sleeves with Kevlar®

Built for the Most Elite Athletes.

Kevlar® Sleeves that are just like the Beasts that use them - BULLETPROOF.


We wanted to up the game, so we did. We wanted something more in our sleeves that no one else has - a lighter, faster, and more durable sleeve.

The Elite Competition knee sleeves with Kevlar® are the answer. Exceptionally lightweight, incredibly durable, and still flexible enough for anything- it's everything a elite competitor would want, and much more.

The Kevlar® exterior is the key. This material is easily the strongest material we've seen in a sleeve, ever. That is precisely why our Regionals and Games athlete love them - the Kevlar® sleeves can take a beating without sacrificing mobility.