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Basic Neoprene Knee sleeves are known for slipping, over-stretching, their mildew smell, and uncomfortable rubbery feel—even though they’re a WOD necessity.

Knee Sleeves made with Ecoprene™ technology avoids these issues altogether.

Using Ecoprene™, Workt has reinvented knee sleeves from the core. A new level of quality and durability has been achieved by replacing the industry standard of neoprene rubber. The anti-bacterial Ecorpene™, which is stronger and lighter, will help you reach the goals you’ve Workt for

98% Water Resistant + Anti-Bacterial

Power-Dry + High Heat Insulation

Multi-Directional Stretch

Long-Lasting + Eco-Friendly

Ecoprene™ Sets a Higher Standard

Limestone-based Ecoprene™ goes through an intensive mixing and heating process to gain its strong, perfectly uniform cell-structure. This helps the sleeve to retain its shape in a light-weight, eco-friendly package.

Only Workt uses Ecoprene™

After the hyper-composite coating is applied, Workt sleeves are 98% bacteria and moisture resistant. This stark contrast to the industry standard neoprene gives our sleeves an undeniable advantage in quality and durability.


No other company does what we do to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the best product, backed by our industry leading, lifetime guarantee. For all non-Legacy items, We guarantee against any tears in the seams, bindings, or Ecoprene™ for the lifetime of the sleeve. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied and notice results with our knee brace, or your money back, no questions asked.

Darcie Warren


"WORKT knee sleeves are the only knee sleeves I use. Whether I'm training high volume or heavy reps, in training or in competition, I always have them with me and they never let me down."

Adrian Conway


"WORKT sleeves have increased my performance and confidence with my workouts. There is nothing more supportive and performance driven than this product."

Miranda Oldroyd


"Workt has the best designs and their sleeves last forever. The new inside material makes them so easy to put on and keeps them so clean. It's been such a huge help in my recovery."